No More YPT Hassles

Like most other things in adult life, paperwork always seems to be what ‘gets in the way’ – and when it comes to recharter or wring-out, encouraging well-intentioned and actively serving adults to renew their YPT training used to be arduous.

But in 2015, YPT management is much easier due to the new Scouting Tools:

1) REPORTING: Unit Leaders (Key-3 and their Commissioner) can now run a report that shows when everyone’s YPT will expire. Check out my earlier blog on exactly how to run the report.

But there are two other big advancements (pun intended) worth noting:

2) NOTIFICATIONS: Any adult whose account has their email address registered will be notified when their YPT is about to expire. So the easiest thing that a leader can do is print out the email roster for their unit from and ensure that everyone has an email address registered in the system.

So, now both the unit leaders and the adults have multiple ways to find out if their YPT is ready to expire. And if the adult takes the online YPT training, it will automatically update in the system. But what about those who take YPT in-person? You folks get good news too!

3) TRAINING UPDATES can now be done by your unit key 3 – they can add training to any of their adults’ records, if the adults bring proof of participation.

How to Update Someone’s Training Record

– Log in in as one of the Unit Key-3 or as a Unit Commissioner

– Go to Training Manager on the upper-left corner’s pull down list of Scouting Tools

– Look on the top of the right-pane of the screen and click on the small certificate with a green add symbol (the leftist most icon of the three).

– On the Add Training screen are three pull-down options:

  • Program – Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Venturing and Other (e.g. YPT)
  • Course – pull down and search for the course that the adult showed proof of attending
  • Date – what was the completion date of the course

– With the class information entered, you can add one or more adults.

  • For YPT, you’ll likely only have one adult to enter
  • If you are an instructor, you can enter several participants at one time

– And click [SUBMIT]

You’re done!!  Note, even as a Key-3 leader or Commissioner, you cannot enter information about your own training. A Scout is trustworthy, but … 🙂

Hope this was helpful,


  1. Gary Miller says:

    If its so easy why am I still hounding adults to go take the training so I can get the charter turned in?

    • Jason says:

      It will get so much EASY-ER … but right now, as to why are you still chasing them:

        1) many adults don’t have a valid email address in the BSA system, so the notifications don’t work.
        2) many unit leaders and UCs don’t yet know about the YPT reports in the (still launching) tools

      And those are the reasons that I blogged about it. Thanks Gary for reading and weighing in.

      • Gary Miller says:

        Jason sorry you have it wrong all together. The real reason is they just don’t care. I have personally notified them more than once and still its not getting done.

        While these tools are good and will help out some. The bottom line is the individual has to take action and complete the training.

        Thanks for posting this on you blog.

  2. jamesljr says:

    As in all things Scouty, “The work is done by whoever shows up”.
    As Yoda noted, “Do or do not. There is no try”.


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