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Archery Stuff for “Fun Shoots” for Crews and Troops

Archery is awesome.  There is something very cool about lining up like Robin Hood, hearing the soft twang of the string and the very rewarding THUMP of the arrow hitting the target.  It’s just rocks.

If you want the bling to go with the memories, here are the combined “fun parts” of both the Scout Merit Badge and the Venturing Ranger Shooting Sports Elective (archery option) activity, as well as the complete requirements.  If you do the fun parts first, then its up to you do self-study, google classroom, or virtual/zoom meeting to knock out the rest with a counselor or instructor.

This PDF has 3 sections

Page 2 – The Fun Parts (combined) for both the Merit Badge and the Venturing Elective.

Print this page Archery-MB-notesand take it with you when you go on a fun shoot.

Page 3 – Ranger Elective 24 Shooting Sports, including Option III Archery

Page 456 – Scouts BSA Archery Merit Badge Requirements, including blue card


The information herein is believed current and complete as of January 2021 — Click HERE to download the PDF

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