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My primary role in Scouting is as the District Commissioner for the Five Trails District of Circle Ten Council — serving 1,800 youth and their families within 39 units Coppell and Irving, Texas.  I am also the proud father of two Eagle Scout sons and a daughter who recently joined Venturing.

It was suggested during a WoodBadge course to develop a ‘Scouting Resume’, similar to a job resume — for applying for camp-staff, Jamboree and other Scouting roles.  Here is mine:


COMMISSIONER – June 2011 to current

Am currently the District Commissioner (DC) for the Five Trails District (was Western Star District). In Coppell, I along with 17 other Commissioners serve 1,800 scouts within our district.

In 2014, I also joined the Council Commissioner staff as the Asst. Council Commissioner (ACC) curgently focused on bolstering our Council’s use of recognition programs to enance Commissioner service across the 420+ registered commissioners in Circle Ten.

I originally began serving as a Unit Commissioner (UC) in June 2011, to support a new Coppell Troop (845) that was being formed (chartered in September 2011) – and in anticipation of reducing my role as Cubmaster later in the year.  In April 2012, I transitioned to become ADC for Coppell’s half of the Five Trails District. And in January 2016 became the District Commissioner for Five Trails.

I also routinely serve as a “Campsite Commissioner,” often including Sunday Chaplain, within various Boy Scout camps, including:

  • District Camporee 2012 — Camp Constantin   [Campsite Inspections & Chaplain]
  • Winter Camp 2012 – Camp Trevor Rees-Jones [Commissioner & Chaplain]
  • District Camporee 2013 – Camp Constantin  [Campsite Inspections & Chaplain]
  • Winter Camp 2013 – Camp Trevor Rees-Jones [Commissioner & Chaplain]
  • District Camporee 2014 – Camp Constantin   [Campsite Inspections & Chaplain]
  • District Camporee 2015 – Camp Constantin   [Campsite Inspections & Chaplain]
  • Summer Camp 2015 — Camp H. Roe Bartle in Missouri [PA-2 Chaplain]

Am a huge advocate University of Scouting (UoS) since 2009.  In January 2015, I earned the Doctorate of Commissioner Science and I served as the Dean of our College of Commissioner Science for 2016 and 2017.

Click here to see What Commissioners Do


ASSISTANT SCOUTMASTER – February 2010 to December 2015

I began serving as an Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) for Troop 840 in Circle Ten Council, when my oldest son crossed over to Boy Scouts, and also in Troop 845 when my younger son crossed over.  While my primary Scouting role is currently as a Commissioner, I have maintained dual membership as an active Troop adult in the troops of both of my sons, including:

  • Summer Camp 2010 – Camp Cherokee, Clements Scout Ranch
  • Winter Camp 2010 – Camp Cherokee
  • Summer Camp 2011 – Camp Constantin [Scoutmaster]
  • Winter Camp 2011 – Camp Trevor Rees Jones (TRJ)
  • Summer Camp 2012 – Camp H. Roe Bartle in Missouri [Scoutmaster]
  • National Jamboree 2013 – ASM1 for Troop D241
  • Summer Camp 2014 — Camp Cris Dobbins in Colorado


CUBMASTER – March 2007 to November 2011

I started serving as a Cubmaster/CM as my oldest son was wrapping up his Wolf (2nd grade) year with Pack 92 in the Longhorn Council (LHC). Unfortunately, all of the Pack’s leadership were Webelos II parents.  There weren’t any Webelos I scouts or parents, and the Bears chose to move to a different Pack instead of rebuilding the Pack’s leadership.  When everything was done, there were three scouts left – two Tigers and my Wolf.

In March 2007, we three parents looked around the table at each other – I became Cubmaster, Julia became Committee Chair, and John became a Den Leader, for a Pack with 3 boys.  My younger son (and wife) joined the Pack in the Fall, as Tigers, and we began Scouting.

In August 2008, after operating as a new/small Pack for one year, we did a temporary merger with a healthy Pack (857) from Circle Ten Council (C10) – in order to give the boys a richer experience.  We brought a healthy soon-to-be Wolf den, my older son (Webelos I) and a newly recruited a Tiger Den to Pack 857.  During that time, I served as the Asst. Cubmaster for Pack 857 – acting as the Cubmaster for the contingent from what had been Pack 92/Rockbrook-Elementary.

In December 2009, our 15 Rockbrook scouts separated from Pack 857 and chartered as Pack 91 within Circle Ten Council.

In November 2011, I transitioned out as the Cubmaster, in preparation for my younger son’s crossover to Boy Scouts, with 44 Cub Scouts in Pack 91.



  • Ordeal member – April 2011
  • Brotherhood member — May 2012
  • Associate Chapter Adviser for Tech & Comms — Jan 2012 thru April 2013


  • Cubmaster Knot — April 2010
  • Cub Scouter Knot — May 2011
  • Unit Leader of Merit Knot — October 2011
  • William D. Boyce New Unit Organizer Knot — Oct’11-P91 & Apr’12-P844
  • Boy Scout Leader Training Knot — March 2012
  • Commissioners’ Arrowhead — May 2012
  • Commissioner Excellence in Unit Service — January 2014
  • District Award of Merit — January 2014
  • Commissioner Scouters’ Key (UC) — May 2014
  • Doctorate in Commissioner Science — January 2015
  • The Good Shepherd (adult religious award) — January 2015
  • Commissioner Scouters’ Key (DC/ADC) — December 2017
  • Distinguished Commissioner Service — February 2018
  • Silver Beaver — April 2018



Cub Scout – 1977 through Dec 1980 in Southeast Wisconsin (now Three Harbors) Council – left as a WebelosII, but did not find a Scouting program when my family relocated to Texas.

NRA Certified Rifle/Pistol Instructor & Range Safety Officer — for helping with Scouts’ shooting sports and merit badges

National Camp School: Chaplain — March 2016

National Jamboree 2013 – Asst. Scoutmaster for Troop D241 from Five Trails District

National Jamboree 2017 – Shooting Sports Staff, rifle instructor & Crafton Sportsmen Center instructor

World Jamboree 2019 – Shooting Sports Staff, rifle instructor & Crafton Sportsmen Center instructor … and Chaplain for Duty-to-God Protestant Program

Philmont Training Center — 2016 District Commissioner & 2017 District Key-3 training weeks

Tribe of Mic-O-Say — (Honorary) Warrior, Spirit Beaver

Wood Badge 94 – August 2010 @ Philmont … Participant, Beaver patrol

Wood Badge 98 – August 2011 @ Philmont … Assistant Scribe & Course Chaplain

Wood Badge 110 – August 2014 @ Philmont … Troop Guide & Course Chaplain

Indian Princesses — Brave, Spirit Beaver & Sachem (religious lead) for Tejas Tribe

NYLT 2014s6 – December 2014 … Asst. Scoutmaster for Quartermasters

NYLT 2018s1 – March 2018 … Asst. Scoutmaster for Troop Guides


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