Buffington Eagle Projects

eaglescout_jpgI am extremely excited to share that both of the next generation of Buffington men are in the process of doing their Eagle Scout projects!

Both are hoping to gather online donations while they are away at various Scout camps and activities in June/July, so that they can do their projects in August before school begins. Each has chosen a project for a worthwhile organization that really reflects who they are and what’s important to them. Thank you for considering your support of their projects and their beneficiary organizations.

Bench at Military Cemetery
Joshua is serving DFW National Cemetery with a bench for those that are grieving. The idea became real when we visited Arlington National Cemetery without a place to sit. Most of the benches at DFW are either bought or landscaped by Eagle Scouts. Joshua really has a heart for military families and their sacrifices; and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him serve our country in that way someday.

Joshua has completed all other requirements to become an Eagle Scout and is currently serving all summer as an instructor at H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation in Missouri.

Stage for School Drama Program
Jaden is building a new stage for the middle school that he used to attend, before he starts high school this fall. During those years, he discovered himself as a comedic actor, so he wants to ‘give back’ with a stage that can be easily assembled for big productions and then stored again afterwards.

Jaden only has a few merit badges left to earn before becoming an Eagle Scout, and wants to complete his project before high school. He will be going to summer camp at Bartle (in Missouri) and then later doing a week-long cavalcade on horseback at Philmont in New Mexico.

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