Sermon — Fathers Day 2022

This weekend is “Father’s Day Weekend” – for many it’s a weekend with sales at Home Depot, there will be lots of BBQ, and for many adult men, their main goal for the weekend will be a nap. For some dads, there might be some kind of gift:

  • When the kids are little, Mom buys a gift, hands it to the kid for ten seconds who has no idea what is in it, who hands it to Dad
  • Later, older kids might buy or make their own (those are the best!!!)
  • In adult hood, sometimes that turns into a “Let’s have lunch”
  • But for some, it’s an obligatory phone call – “Hey! Am calling for Father’s Day. How are you? I’m good too. Ok, well, Happy Father’s Day” (click)

Seems kind of sad, doesn’t it? It is sad. As a Father, let me share a little with you from a few different perspectives. Most men may receive up to five different names over their lifetime: Son Father Daddy Dad … and Pops let’s talk about each and the progression between them.

DOWNLOAD : Sermon – Fatherhood.pdf

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