Survey: How can Commissioners Better Serve Units?

A research project was recently launched to assess the effectiveness and contribution areas of Commissioners, in support of helping Scout Units thrive.

The research survey is part of a Commissioner’s Doctorate project (see thesis description here) focused on the Circle Ten Council’s units and commissioners. However, because of the great outpouring of feedback from various Facebook/LinkedIn groups during the survey’s beta — the survey is now opened up for national usage.  Your response to this survey will enable the researcher to quantify how units want/need service from their Commissioners, as well as what are the effects of good/poor commissioner service, at a national level. But to do that, we need your help.

The survey takes between 5-10 minutes, depending on your role:

Important Note: If enough folks from your Council (we ask in the survey) respond, so that the data is definitive, then we can make a cut of the data available to the Council leadership and commissioner staff.

So, please feel free to distribute this link within your council.

Thanks for your service and support!

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