A Guide for Chaplains Aides

In an effort to provide more structure and guidance for the Chaplains Aides (CA) in my district’s troops, I drafted a small guide that was intended for the Troops to consider, adapt and utilize if they chose to.  The guide draws out that CA is a leadership function, not just a service function, so the CA(s) should be leading, including:

– Preparing before campouts to deliver their Scouts’ Own Services

– Delivering the SOS itself, with the enlistment of supporting team members

– Debriefs after each SOS, as an opportunity to improve and grow

– If a CA is unable to attend a campout, they are still responsible for ensuring that an SOS still occurs during the campout, including the preparation and the debrief.

It also includes two signature sheets:  one signed at the beginning of the term of service (acknowledging expectations) and the second signed at the end of service for completion.

CLICK HERE to download the first draft of the Guide to Chaplains Aides


The Guide is a work-in-progress, with this being the first draft for considered use this Fall & Winter.   I will update the guide after lessons learned, as well as after suggestions offered by Scouters on the Internet.

As always, thanks for reading and your feedback.


  1. Dave Farley says:

    I like this. Thanks. Some of our best stuff in scouting comes from those in the trenches working directly with the scouts. If you will bear with me, I will share something. In our troop we lead into the Scout Law with, “As a scout I am …………” That makes it direct and personal while also expressing expectations of one who is a scout. We ask our scouts to look themselves in the miror each morning and recite the Scout Law in that manner.

  2. Bruce Anschutz says:

    I like it as well having served as Chaplain twice now on courses. My only suggestion is to remove the “Scout’s Own” verbiage as it is antiquated and refers to a process we are no longer using.

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