Religious Recognitions for Scouts

All religious courseware and programs are prescribed by the various religious institutions that have chosen to develop them. The programs are not created or maintained by the Boy Scouts. BSA simply approves the program structure and provides a method of recognition via the Uniform Knots for Scouts and Adults.

Youth Religious Award

Many religious study programs offer a multiple courses, based on the age of the Scout:

Upon completing the first course of a religious study program, the Scout is authorized to wear the Scout Religious Award, otherwise known as the “Purple Knot”, which is available from most Scout uniform shops.  If a Scout completes additional religious education programs, they are authorized to wear a small metal ‘device’ (pin) on their Purple Knot for each subsequent program completed, so that one Purple knot is worn throughout their scouting experience.

Cub Scout DeviceWith Cub Scout device #926 Cub Scout Device

with Webelos device #932


Boy Scout DeviceVarsity DeviceVenturing DeviceSea Scout device
Boy Scout, Varsity, Venturing and Sea Scout devices


The Purple Religious Youth knot earned earned as a youth can be worn on an Adult Leader’s uniform, as well.  Adults can also be awarded earn a different religious knot.

NOTE : If a Pin or Medal is awarded by the religious institution for completing a course of study, the pin/medal OR the purple uniform knot can be worn — typically not both, as it is redundant.  The exception would be a necklace-based medal which can be worn for formal award ceremonies such as Boy Scout Courts of Honor, whenever other formal saches or similar regalia are worn.

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