Book – In our own way

One of my favorite books and worship aids for interfaith scouting is
In Our Own Way
, edited by Robert Lee Edmonds.

From the publisher:

In Our Own Way is an extraordinarily rich compilation of thoughtfully selected and specially written prayers from over 30 faith groups and denominations that embody Scouting’s founding moral principles. It also includes an expansive collection of popular Scout prayers, graces, benedictions and other devotions chosen from historical and contemporary sources spanning a century of the Boy Scout movement.

A must have inspirational handbook for every Scout and leader! In Our Own Way is an excellent personal companion and indispensable for use at pack and troop meetings, ceremonies and banquets, Courts of Honor, camps and outings, and leadership training programs. This remarkable treasury of prayers is an important and invaluable guide for anyone wanting to discover,
embrace, and share a Scouting way of life enriched through faith, reverence, and devotion.


About the Editor

Robert Lee Edmonds has more than 25 years of volunteer service to Boy Scouting. He is an Eagle Scout and a recipient of the Honor Medal conferred by the Boy Scouts of America’s National Court of Honor.

Dr. Edmonds has received numerous national and international recognitions and awards for his contributions to industry, education, science and technology. He is the author of High Honors: A Century of Heroism and Meritorious Action in the Boy Scouts of America, scheduled for release in 2010.


It is small enough to fit in your daypack or comfortably in a Scout’s pants’ pocket — and includes prayers and blessings from several faiths, as well as commentary as it all relates to Scouting.


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