What BSA says on Faith – Boy Scouts

The Boy Scout Oath promises:
On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.


The 12th Point of the Scout Law is that “A Scout is Reverent“.

A Scout is reverent toward God.

He is faithful in his religious duties. He respects the beliefs of others. Wonders all around the world remind us of our faith in God. We find it in the tiny secrets of creation and in the great mysteries of the universe. It exists in the kindness of people and in the teachings of our families and religious leaders. We show our reverence by living our lives according to the ideals of our beliefs. Throughout your life you will encounter people expressing their reverence in many different ways. The Constitution of the United States guarantees each of us the freedom to believe and worship as we wish without government interference. It is your duty to respect and defend others’ rights to their religious beliefs even when they differ from your own.


Scouting 4 God Commentary:

Reverence” in the Scout Law comes down to three key mandates – found within  the first line of text above:

He is FAITHFUL in his religious duties.   Above all else, are you and your Creator in alignment?  Every person of every faith is individually accountable to their Creator for their own actions.  The Scout Law reminds us of this accountability.

He RESPECTS the beliefs of others.  As is the purpose of this entire website and the BSA charter, while we may not agree on what our Creator looks like, we must respect others viewpoints.   As your faith calls you to share your faith, do it respectfully in ways that does not tread on beliefs of those around you.  Moreover, Scout Leaders and those responsible for leading religious activities within Scouting events must be very sensitive to ensure that their language and activities do not enforce only one particular faith.

We find it in the tiny secrets of CREATION.  As our common denominator, we embrace a Creator.  Especially with Scouting’s emphasis on outdoor activities and camping, it should be easy to be constantly reminded that a Creator exists — and therefore is suitable to be reverent to.


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