JTE Commissioner Impact Survey – now in Beta

I am working on a research project to quantify Commissioner Service impact on overall unit health and JTE attainment.

To accomplish this, I am using an online survey that is intended to understand and quantify the role of BSA Commissioners in service to units, including their impact on JTE recognition, their areas of contribution to the units, and the frequency and methods that are most effective. Within the Council, three different groups of individuals are being asked to participate, including:

  • Administrative Commissioners (e.g. District Commissioner or ADC)
  • Unit-serving Commissioners (including UC’s, RTC’s, ADC’s and DC’s)
  • Unit leaders, such as Scoutmaster, Cubmaster or Committee Chairpersons


The online survey can be completed in less than 10 minutes — with 7 demographic questions which will then branch you to a series of between 8 and 24 additional questions, based on your role and unit activities.  Your honest and thorough participation is gratefully appreciated, as it will help all of our Commissioners serve all of our Scouts better. Thank you for your time.



Feedback is a Gift” and “A Scout is Helpful” = Your Participation is Requested (please try it out)

The online survey will be released to a broad range of Circle Ten Council respondents in April, but the survey is live now in order to gain feedback.  Please consider spending a few minutes going through the survey from the mindset of either a unit commissioner or a unit leader.  Feedback can be left in the final survey question or emailed via this website.  Thank you for participating in this Scouting research project.

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